• Professor and two students in lab apparel consider a beaker.

    Academic Major Spotlight on: Chemistry

    Finding your place as an Agnes Scott chemist Agnes Scott’s chemistry major is set apart from chemistry majors at other institutions. As Professor Sarah Winget says, “Chemistry is often male-dominated at other institutions, so it is great that women get to be the voices of chemistry at Agnes Scott.” Chemistry sticks out in other ways as well, however, including in the success that Agnes Scott chemistry graduates find. Students in the chemistry major are prepared for fields related to chemistry, with graduates working as lab technicians, physician researchers, process engineers, researchers and forensic scientists. However, majors have also found themselves in fields such as patent law, pharmaceutical research and data…

  • Taliesyn Jax '22 wearing a pink sweater

    Academic Major Spotlight on: Psychology

    A look at what makes one of Agnes Scott’s most popular academic majors special In recent memory, Agnes Scott’s psychology major has always landed on the list of top five majors for Scotties. Maybe that’s because psychology is such a quintessential liberal arts major, preparing students for multiple fields. Yes, Agnes Scott psychology graduates have gone on to be clinical psychologists, therapists and psychiatrists. But they’ve also become lawyers, school superintendents, victims advocates, marketing and development coordinators, researchers, business analysts and professors. Interested in the psychology major, but unsure if it fits you exactly? Here’s a taste of what the major has to offer you, straight from psychology major Taliesyn…

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