• Two students and an advisor look at information on an laptop

    You Pushed Submit…Now What?

    Demystifying the Agnes Scott application process You’ve done it! You put in all your activities, did a final proofread of your essay, gave your most passionate and perfect answer for “Why Agnes Scott?” and you are ready to hit that submit button to send off your college application. Your hand hovers over the submit button. You look at it. It looks at you (in an anthropomorphized fashion). And you wonder: what happens after I push this button? It’s a big question: college applications do seem more than a bit mysterious. You submit all that work, you wait for an unspecified amount of time, and eventually you get a letter back…

  • Image of Gazebo and Buttrick Hall on Campus

    Welcoming Summer: Tips to be more productive this summer (for a happier you in fall)

    This message goes out to all of the rising high school seniors. Let’s be honest with ourselves: your junior year wasn’t exactly ideal. Nor was the end of your sophomore year. We’ve finally made it to summer, and hopefully you get to take a break and relax. For those of you who read the title of this post and immediately groaned, let me say it now: I get it. The past year has been stressful. You want to relax, hang out with friends, and do things you couldn’t do in the height of the pandemic. What you don’t want is some admission person telling you that you need to work…

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