• Move-In Day Mania

    As of the posting of this blog, we are less than a month away from our newest class of students (shout out to the Green Class of 2027!) moving onto campus. In the spirit of that timeline, we wanted to compile some advice and suggestions of ways to make your life easier and better during your move-in day and orientation experience.

  • Students in a line aim at a target with a bow and arrowl

    2022 Year-End Wrap Up

    2022 is almost in the books! As we prepare for 2023, it’s worth it to look back at the events of the past year. We began to move into a new world with COVID-19 vaccines and ongoing issues surrounding global health; national and world events have been dramatically altered; and the campus itself continues to innovate and become a different place than it was at this time last year. Let’s take a look at a few of the major events of 2022:

  • Example of the Agnes Scott Black Onyx ring, 2022.

    Agnes Scott Traditions

    Every college and university has its own traditions, big and small, and as both an inclusive women’s college and a small, liberal arts institution Agnes Scott has more than most. Some of them are still occurring, some have moved into the books of the past. Either way, they’re a fascinating piece of life on campus, and we would love to introduce you to a year in traditions:

  • Campus walkway in fall- a tour group stands in distance

    2021 Year-End Wrap Up

    2021. It’s been...a year. A year with ups and downs, a year that continued to give us unprecedented challenges. Together, Agnes Scott students, faculty and staff have faced down the challenges of global pandemics as vaccines began to roll out, racial injustice and inequity and everything else that the year has brought us.

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