• Two students sit on the steps of Rebekah Scott Hall. They are taking a selfie with Ramona, a statue of a Scottie dog.

    Preparing for the College Fair Season

    While the admissions counselors here at Agnes Scott are attending college fairs to meet with high school students year round, the official start of the college fair season will kick off for us at the end of this month with the Colleges That Change Lives college fairs.

  • Two students gather around laptops and a model of the solar system in discussion.

    Inhabiting Perseverance

    Last year, I wrote a blog post about my love of space, specifically NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover, and how it related to the college search process. For the record, this was published before Curiosity made the entire internet cry on its tenth birthday by no longer having the power to sing itself happy birthday,as it had done every year prior. Yes, this necessitated some ugly crying on my part. No, we don’t need to talk about it. I mentioned in that post that since Curiosity launched in 2011, there was another launch of the Mars Perseverance Rover in July 2020. I said, and I quote, “There’s also probably a lot…

  • Agnes Scott's campus in the early morning.

    ASC’s Rising Senior Summer Survival Guide

    If you’re anything like me, sometimes you don’t give your Future Self a lot to work with. Whether it’s eating dairy as a lactose intolerant individual or procrastinating on a paper, sometimes Present Me decides that the consequences are Future Me problems. In the college search and application process, however, leaving everything for the Future You will make for an extremely stressed and concerned version of yourself. And while that Future You may seem far away, it’s not too long before you’ll be dealing with it. However, we at Agnes Scott are also big proponents of rest and relaxation during the summer; we don’t want you only focusing on your…

  • Student in orange sweater talks with professor in green sweater and another student in black jumpsuit while sitting on the quad.

    The College Visit Your Way

    If you are in your college search, you’ve probably already heard this important piece of advice: it is important to visit the colleges you are considering, whether that’s virtually or in person. However, once you actually dive into a college’s website, you’re overwhelmed with options. Should you do a campus tour or a virtual visit? An open house or a specialty visit? What even is an interview, and should you do one?

  • Student wearing pink dress smiles at camera.

    Behind the Rankings

    On Monday, U.S. News & World Report released their 2023 Best Colleges rankings. Like any other ranking system, these rankings are a little bit of an art and a little bit science. For some of their rankings, like their most innovative colleges rankings, the ranking is determined by votes from leaders at colleges around the country. For others, like the overall rankings, the rankings are a combination of “reputation” (as determined by other college leaders), graduation and retention rates, social mobility, student-faculty ratio, average class size, professor compensation, test scores of incoming classes, how much money the college has, alumni giving and the percent of graduates who have debt.

  • Three students and a professor walk on campus

    What to do when you want to do everything

    Some people have known exactly what they wanted to do for a long time. They know, with 100% certainty, what career they want to have and what college major they need to get there. I am not some people. I also suspect that you are not that person. You likely have many interests and careers that you’re considering, and you can’t figure out how you’re supposed to distill all of that into one college major. As someone who has definitely been there, done that, you should know that you have several different options in college that will help you meet those different interests (whatever they may be). Here’s a few…

  • Student looks in telescope while another student takes notes

    Inhabiting Curiosity

    Like many people, I am a big fan of the idea of space. It started, for me, with learning all the names of the planets through a Blue’s Clues song (and yes, Pluto was still a planet at that point) and then graduated into science fiction novels and films. I follow NASA and other research teams on social media and keep up with new research findings, even when I don’t entirely understand them.

  • Student holding tote bag with purple Scottie walking beside Rebekah Hall

    The Real Questions

    I recently participated on a panel offering advice to prospective students on their college search process. During this panel, we spoke about the value of finding your fit–the idea that identifying the colleges that you can see yourself thriving in will contribute to success during and after college. After a few of us made this point, a student unmuted and asked, “But how can you tell if a college is a good fit for you?”

  • Two students and an advisor look at information on an laptop

    You Pushed Submit…Now What?

    Demystifying the Agnes Scott application process You’ve done it! You put in all your activities, did a final proofread of your essay, gave your most passionate and perfect answer for “Why Agnes Scott?” and you are ready to hit that submit button to send off your college application. Your hand hovers over the submit button. You look at it. It looks at you (in an anthropomorphized fashion). And you wonder: what happens after I push this button? It’s a big question: college applications do seem more than a bit mysterious. You submit all that work, you wait for an unspecified amount of time, and eventually you get a letter back…

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