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    How To: Do Dual Enrollment in High School

    Hear from students and admission counselors about the dual enrollment experience Do you feel like everyone you know is taking dual enrollment courses? Are you considering dual enrollment courses? Better yet, are you currently taking dual enrollment courses?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are not alone! According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, “Enrollment has nearly doubled in a recent four-year stretch, from about 27,000 students in fiscal year 2016 to nearly 52,000 students in fiscal year 2019, state records show.”  Dual Enrollment in Georgia is a state-sponsored initiative that allows students to take courses for college credit while they are still in high school. The…

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    Kudos and Congratulations 2020

    Congratulating some of 2020’s award winners Every year, Agnes Scott students win prestigious awards, research grants, and fellowships due to their accomplishments. Here, we’ll profile three of our international award winners for the year. Congratulations to all of them! Leah Trotman ’21, Truman Scholar Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? Leah: I study international relations (major) and public health (officially registered as minor but could change to major come Fall semester) at Agnes Scott. I was born and raised in the US Virgin Islands. What does winning the Truman Scholarship entail? What are your next steps? Leah: Besides receiving funding ($30,000) for graduate school, winning the Truman…

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    Exploring College Options and Applying during a Pandemic: “A Letter to Senior Me” sequel

    An Update to the Original Post Last summer, I wrote a blog post entitled, “A Letter to Senior Year Me.” It outlined all of the things I wish I would have done to prepare for college the summer before my senior year. While I recommend perusing the original, I figured I’d save you some time and, just like any good sequel, give a synopsis of the original.  It’s still summer, even if it’s a strange one for us all. Previously on Perspective: The Agnes Scott College Undergraduate Admission Blog… Alexsis highlighted 5 key “to-dos” all rising high school seniors should complete over the summer.  Visit Colleges  Craft your resume  Brainstorm/Draft…

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    College Admissions in the Time of COVID-19

    Talking About What Happens Next When we started off our spring semester, we were prepared for one like any other. Our first-year students were getting ready to go off on their Journeys trips, the College was getting ready for big events like our Alumnae Weekend and Commencement, and our office was getting ready for our spring admitted student events. At the time, none of us had ever heard the term “social distancing,” we weren’t a college that had a lot of remote learning options, and the whispers about this new virus weren’t really hitting a concerning point. Fast-forward to now, May 2020, and we are all living in a new…

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    Why We Journey

    What It’s Like to Journey I looked down at the water below me. I looked over at the students waiting around me, some anxiously, some excitedly. I looked at the guide, who had already told me in French that I needed to jump. I thought about all the ways in which my excessively clumsy self could get hurt jumping off of this outcropping of rocks. Then I mentally reviewed in my head all of the reasons I had made it to this point. When I was asked to co-lead the first-year Global Journeys trip to Martinique, I immediately said yes. I have been telling people about the amazing trips and…

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    An “Undecided” Dilemma

    “What are you going to major in?” It is the go-to line of every family member, friendly acquaintance, and grocery store cashier. With everyone asking, it can feel like everyone you know wants the answer—including you. So what do you do when you don’t actually know—especially when everyone around you seems to have an answer ready to go? I can tell you exactly what I did as a high schooler: I made something up. After being asked too many times, I started to feel that creeping sense of impostor syndrome. Everyone around me had an answer; why didn’t I? Not only did I need an answer, it needed to be…

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