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Welcoming the Agnes Scott Class of 2025

Learn more about the incoming class and why they chose Agnes Scott College

It’s May 1, Agnes Scott College’s decision deadline for new Scotties to let us know if they will be attending. We’re so excited to introduce you to all our new Scotties as they make their way onto campus in the fall. Here’s a little introduction to some of the Class of 2025, in their own words:

Jillianne Samiano on campus


Jillianne Samiano- Chicago, IL


I was drawn to the idea of women supporting women in classes, extracurriculars, and life. The student community is outspoken and administration at Agnes Scott is supportive and always willing to listen to student feedback.  Being from Chicago, the idea of having public transit as an option is comforting, so ASC being a short MARTA ride from Atlanta is very enticing! When I stepped onto Agnes Scott’s campus, I had already envisioned myself thriving in this community. The students were welcoming, the administration were willing to answer any of my questions, and the weather was absolutely PERFECT!

Oona Varga wearing an Agnes Scott shirt


Oona Varga- St. Louis, MO


I was drawn to Agnes Scott because of its welcoming environment, rich academic studies, and small, diverse student body. Agnes’s faculty is extremely kind and knowledgeable, and I was immediately drawn to that when I first met everyone on Zoom. Their SUMMIT program is encased inside of the academic studies, unlike most other colleges, and all the faculty seemed genuinely interested in each and every individual, and didn’t see them as a mass of people. Plus, Agnes’s campus has an extremely diverse body, with people coming from all over the country and the world. When I think of what I am most excited for with attending Agnes this fall, I am most looking forward to getting to know everyone. I can’t wait to make new friends (and meet in person the ones I know only online), meet all my new teachers, and get to meet all the rest of the faculty and staff. Plus, getting to explore Atlanta and Decatur alike is an exciting thought, as moving out of Missouri is an entirely new and exciting experience for me. 

Headshot of Reese Mendenhall


Reese Mendenhall- Atlanta, GA


I was looking for a school that was close to Atlanta, and I decided on Agnes Scott because of its strong sense of community spirit. While I was still exploring other colleges, I attended a webinar with advice on how to write the Common App essay. I was pleasantly surprised that Agnes Scott was eager to help students without the guarantee that they would end up applying. It’s a school that is passionate about the success of its students. Areas like the writing center stick out to me as special because they encourage students to get help when they need it. As I walked around campus on my first tour, all the people we came in contact with were extremely friendly. At the end of the day, I felt like Agnes Scott was where I was meant to be.

Tess Dishaw holding up a dessert


Tess Dishaw- Katy, TX


What drew me most to Agnes Scott was the care that everyone has for each other. When I was able to take part in a mock-class and speak to the professors, they not only showed passion for their subject, but their students. Additionally, when I was able to connect to current Scotties, they were very kind and welcoming! I want to pursue a career in surgery, and I think Agnes Scott prepares me in a variety of ways. For one, they have excellent admission rates into medical school and graduate schools. Additionally, the liberal arts curriculum allows a student to develop holistically, something I think the medical field can highly benefit from. Plus, with its location and career center, internship and volunteering opportunities are abundant. I am most excited to meet all of the other Scotties in person! This past year and a half, with the pandemic, has made connecting to peers (current and future) difficult, and I can’t wait to see everyone in person. 

Finn Fowler wearing an Agnes Scott shirt


Finn Fowler- Lookout Mountain, TN


What drew me to Agnes Scott was the sense of community. The way that people interacted with each other and made it a point to make people feel welcome really solidified my choice for me. When I visited, I didn’t know where to go and a current student took the time out of their day to show me where to go, and that really showed me that people cared. It stood out that the faculty made it a point to connect me with the accommodations office and make sure that I was taken care of. I’m so happy that the people at Agnes Scott care about my well-being. 

Headshot of Abi Cassell


Abi Cassell- Conway, AR


I grew up on a small liberal arts campus, and because of my dad’s profession I quickly became accustomed to the world of colleges and admissions. I knew that I wanted to have my college experience at an innovative liberal arts college with a tight knit community where I knew I could be challenged intellectually but also supported by both the faculty and my classmates. After visiting Agnes Scott for the first time, I knew it was the school for me. It was everything that I had been searching for in a school. refreshing to know that not only will Agnes Scott encourage me to have a voice as a woman, but leadership is also one of the key focal points of the SUMMIT program. I believe that Agnes Scott will prepare me and my classmates to use that voice and leadership in new and powerful ways in the future.

Headshot of Saia Bennett


Saia Bennett- Decatur, GA


I first learned about Agnes Scott when my grandmother recommended I take a look. She’d been looking at schools in the Decatur area, in my freshman year, and took notice of Agnes right away. I had not heard of this school prior to my grandmother’s mention, and decided to ask around. Every time I mentioned my interest in the school to a group or individual I was met with delight. Hearing so many good things from so many people is what initially drew me to Agnes. When I visited Agnes Scott College, I was told how important leadership was to the school and its curriculum. Leadership itself is important to me because as a female leadership positions aren’t always available to women to the scale that it is for others. The alumni and current students that I have met embody the characteristics I am trying to develop, characteristics like innovative problem solving, an initiative to create change, and an ability to assist and aid others cultivated by the programs and curriculum of Agnes Scott.

Joey Wilson wearing an Agnes Scott shirt giving a peace sign


Joey Wilson- Fayetteville, GA


Stepping onto campus for the first time really drew me to the idea of attending Agnes Scott. I felt an almost immediate sense of home, and that feeling was only compounded by later learning about the tight-knit community that called the campus home. I plan to work in a field that would allow me to intertwine being a licensed psychologist and being an advocate for the LGBTQ community and BIPOC, particularly women and non-binary individuals of color. Whether that’s through research, offering mental health services to a marginalized demographic, or some combination of it all, I know being on a campus so diverse and committed to raising the voices of groups I so closely identify with will prepare me to later be an active participant in the advocacy and empowerment of these groups.

Lily Grosshans wearing an Agnes Scott shirt and a facemask seated next to Ramona, a Scottie dog statue


Lily Grosshans- Durham, NC


I chose Agnes Scott because it’s a women’s college in the South. I mostly applied to women’s colleges knowing that I would thrive in an environment that uplifts women and people outside the gender binary. I’m from North Carolina and ASC was the farthest South school I applied to. I’m glad I decided to stay in the South—the weather here is much more what I’m used to! The traditions are for sure are my favorite thing about Agnes thus far. I can’t wait to be involved in them next year, even if they have to be modified for COVID-19.

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