Dancer stands from a high ledge and reaches forward into shadow.

The Creative Arts Major: Dance

The Dance Concentration in Agnes Scott's Creative Arts Major, from Professor Bridget Roosa

In April 2023, Agnes Scott’s faculty voted on the creation of a new major program, the Creative Arts major, to encompass multiple existing and new academic areas. In order to explore these new and refreshed areas of study, over the next few months we will be releasing a series of blog posts guest-written by Agnes Scott professors about their areas of concentration with the Creative Arts. This is part two of the Creative Arts series: the Dance Concentration.


On October 13 and 14, 2023, Studio Dance Theatre, the student dance performing ensemble, presented Visibly Caged | Becoming Untamed in the Winter Theatre. This work utilized the power of movement to communicate abuses of power that promote censorship and closed-mindedness.

Students kneel next to the lip of a stage in dance performance
Photo Credit: Randall Lipshutz


The work opens with a historical work, Shakers, choreographed by modern dance pioneer Doris Humphrey in 1930, to set the tone of gender norms and restrictive thought.

Dancers dressed in Puritan costume encircle one main dancer with her arms up.
Photo Credit: Wendy Tovar


The remainder of the evening, entitled Visibly Caged | Becoming Untamed, represented the breakdown of gender and sexuality norms, book bans and censorships.

Dancer sits on stage, surrounded by books strewn across the ground.
Photo Credit: Wendy Tovar
One dancer lies on ground while other dancers in lines head toward them.
Photo Credit: Wendy Tovar


This performance aimed to promote critical thinking and a shift in perspective, and concluded with a call to action: Only we can activate our voices to promote change.

Dancer stands from a high ledge and reaches forward into shadow.
Photo Credit: Randall Lipshutz

Creative Arts (CA) Major: Concentration in Dance


This is a very exciting time to become a Creative Arts (CA) major with a concentration in Dance!  Each major will take four interdisciplinary common courses with all CA majors and 12 hours of CA electives.  The dance concentration will also include 12 technique classes, Labanotation, choreography I, choreography II and dance performance taken twice.  Dancers will perform in 2 mainstage productions each year, working with faculty, guest artist and student choreographers as well as representing the college at the American College Dance Association conference each year.  For more information contact Professor Bridget Roosa at  Also check out our social media: 

Dance at Agnes Scott (Facebook)

danceatagnes (Instagram)


About the Writer:

Bridget RoosaCharles A. Dana Professor of Dance and Co-Chair, Department of Creative Arts, teaches ballet and modern techniques, choreography, Labanotation, performance and dance history. She is also the Artistic Director of Studio Dance Theatre, the student performing ensemble at Agnes Scott College and she curates, choreographs, and directs at least two mainstage productions each academic year. In addition to choreographing and reconstructing Bridget is a performer and has worked with many choreographers in the Atlanta area and beyond. She has taught and performed both locally and abroad and a career highlight was performing with the José Limón Dance Company in the historically renowned work Missa Brevis. Bridget is also certified to teach Pure Barre Classic, Empower, Align and Reform techniques and teaches at Pure Barre Decatur.

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