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    Insecure to Unstoppable: How I Achieved Success in my First Year of College

    Insecurity. That awful thing that makes you doubt the essence of who you are. These feelings are completely normal and affect every single one of us. In the current ‘technology era’, companies are now profiting from this less than satisfactory feeling all of us experience from time to time. Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat are known for their ability to influence politics and world wide movements, but also for instantly changing our societal standards of normality with a singular post.

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    Why We Journey

    What It’s Like to Journey I looked down at the water below me. I looked over at the students waiting around me, some anxiously, some excitedly. I looked at the guide, who had already told me in French that I needed to jump. I thought about all the ways in which my excessively clumsy self could get hurt jumping off of this outcropping of rocks. Then I mentally reviewed in my head all of the reasons I had made it to this point. When I was asked to co-lead the first-year Global Journeys trip to Martinique, I immediately said yes. I have been telling people about the amazing trips and…

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