Ramona on porch

Meet Ramona, the Official Admission Welcome Scottie

This Friendly Face Greets All New Visitors to Agnes Scott!


We can all relate to the mixture of excitement and relief you get when you see someone you recognize in a new place. This can especially be the case during your first time on a college campus. We want to introduce you to someone who can be your familiar face as you enter the Welcome Center for a campus tour at Agnes Scott. We have a special member of our community ready to welcome you to campus! For those of you who do not know our fearless Scottie named Ramona, she has been one of the most popular names on campus since 1956*. We got a chance to sit down and chat with the legend herself in order to get to know her better. 


Full Name: Ramona Cartwright 


ASC Graduating Year: 1958 


Favorite Agnes Scott Tradition: The Sophomore Ring Ceremony where the sophomore class receives their college rings! It is such a fun event that happens every spring. I get so excited to welcome a new class to the #BlackRingMafia.


Favorite Spot on Campus: the front porch of Rebekah Scott Hall. It has one of the best views of campus. Of course, the lighting is also perfect for selfies.


Favorite Spot in Downtown Decatur: The heart of Decatur square. I love it because there are so many cool restaurants and unique shops to take in. I like to sit by the fountain and people watch… maybe lick up a dropped ice cream cone or two. Sometimes I spot another dog too!

Colorful buildings in Downtown Decatur; a person walks a dog in front of them
Downtown Decatur by Kate Ellis '20


Favorite SUMMIT Experience: Peak Week! While the first year class travels the globe on their Global Journey trips, classes are cancelled and upperclassmen get to participate in a week-long event full of cool seminars, field trips, and professional development panels. My favorite event is yoga on the quad! I’ve been practicing my Puppy Pose.


How did you end up at Agnes Scott? Growing up, I used to think I was the only Scottie in the world. All the other dogs I knew were taller or shorter or had floppier ears or a longer tail. One day I was out for a walk daydreaming about what it would be like to meet another Scottie when I walked right on to Agnes Scott’s campus! When I experienced what it felt like to be surrounded by other Scotties, I knew I’d never leave!  


If you had to describe Scotties in five words, what would they be? Friendly, outspoken, intelligent, curious, and diverse.



What do you do when you aren’t studying or volunteering in Decatur? I enjoy sitting back and reflecting on how I can further engage with the social and intellectual challenges of our times. I am also surprisingly good at tightrope walking.



What is the best part of being the ASC Admission Scottie? I get a lot of head pats. Like, a lot. I swear, there’s nothing better than a job with this many head pats. Plus, I get to be the first one to meet future artists, doctors, activists, scientists, and change makers at the very beginning of their journey to becoming an Agnes Scott Scottie. I sit on the porch by the Welcome Center and watch as they embrace the Scottiehood and grow into those future versions of themselves over the next four years. Luckily, they keep coming back to give me more head pats along the way.



What do you wish more people knew about Agnes Scott College? That when we say it’s a unique and life-changing experience we are being authentic. Unique in that there is no curriculum quite like SUMMIT where the focus is specifically on the student and what tools they need to excel beyond any limitations society may have imposed. Life-changing in that the community is clearly there to support you while you find your footing as an independent critical thinker. I also wish people knew the number of squirrels I see pass by the front porch every day. One or two on a slow day, dozens and dozens on particularly squirrelly days.



Thanks for joining us, Ramona! Any last words you want to bark? I hope to see you on campus soon! If you can’t make it to give me a head pat, reach out to your Admission Counselor for insight into life as a Scottie. They are professionals at helping you gauge if Agnes Scott is the right college fit for you, and, lucky for us, they’re pretty dang good at it. If you do visit, don’t forget to stop and say hello! Take a selfie with me and post it on Instagram using #ASCRamona or tag @ASCAdmission so my friends inside the building can share it with me. Scottie, out!

Two students take a selfie with statue of a Scottie dog, Ramona
I am in my element when posing for selfies with my favorite Scotties. Share your selfie with me on social using #ASCRamona.


Ramona Cartwright is the name of the fictitious student that members of the class of 1958 created at Agnes Scott. Ramona was frequently mentioned in the student newspaper, signed up for classes, and became a legendary “everywoman” for Scotties. Her biggest stories included getting stuck in Europe after spending all of her contest winnings for a trip abroad, having her birthday celebrated in Evans Dining Hall about “fifty-three times” in one year, and studying ancient civilizations after undergrad. She was featured as having graduated from Agnes Scott in both 1958 and 1969. She was also the main heroine in the 2010 Junior Production during Black Cat.

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