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The Sounds of 2027

Need a break? Take one with these playlists made for the Class of 2027.


As we approach May 1 and College Decision Day, we know it’s a stressful time for our current high school seniors, Agnes Scott’s Class of 2027.

We’ve curated a specialty list of playlists just for the Class of 2027; take a break and chill with these 27 vibes:






This playlist is a selection of songs from our admission team that make them happy or calm them down.





Did you attend an Admitted Scottie Day event and wonder who was on the aux? This playlist is for you!






In which members of the Class of 2027 on the Discord server recommended “Songs of the Year” for 2022.






Agnes Scott’s Class of 2027 class color is green. This playlist is so dedicated.






And finally, most of the Class of 2027 was born in 2005 or 2006. This playlist throws it back to the Billboard Top 100 from their birth years.


Happy decision season!

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