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  1. A particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view


Each year, millions of college-age students begin one of the most important stages of their journey to adulthood: the undergraduate college search process. During this time, they’ll have such all-consuming questions as “which college is the best fit for me,” “how will I pay for college,” “what should my college major be,” and/or “what college experience will best prepare me for future success,” among others.


To find the answers to these questions, they’ll seek the advice of family members; input from high school guidance counselors; first-hand experiences on campus tours; reviews by their peers; and, by and large, a variety of perspectives across the internet – perspectives that may or may not shape the decisions they make going forward.


Various points of view are important in college decision-making information gathering (how about that phrase!), as the same facts can have different meanings when seen from different perspectives.


Which brings us to the purpose of this blog, officially maintained and curated by the Office of Admission at Agnes Scott – offering various viewpoints on the college search and application process from a variety of personalities and specializations at the No. 1 Most Innovative Liberal Arts College in the Country.


Our Admission staff, along with select guest writers from across campus, will offer their perspectives on everything from how to apply to Agnes Scott and what life on a college campus is like (and life as a Scottie, of course!), to trends in higher education and tips for navigating the process of finding the best fit college (and getting in!), among many other things.   

We know that this is an important moment in your life – whether you are a future college student, or parent or guardian of a future college student.


Heck, we’ll even have more than a thing or two for you dedicated high school counselors!


Important voices were missing from this space – voices filled with the wisdom and tenacity of individuals who know what it is like to thrive in an academic environment where community is valued and students are empowered to lead authentically – important voices like the Scottie voice! 


We hope you’ll join us as we seek – with a little bit of humor, a little bit of wisdom and a whole lot of sass – to help you along in the college admission process. Click the Subscribe button and ensure you never miss a single post!





Agnes Scott Office of Admission and Financial Aid staff after receiving “the Promise Award for overall administrative excellence.” Can you guess what our holiday theme attire was this year?

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