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    The College Visit Your Way

    If you are in your college search, you’ve probably already heard this important piece of advice: it is important to visit the colleges you are considering, whether that’s virtually or in person. However, once you actually dive into a college’s website, you’re overwhelmed with options. Should you do a campus tour or a virtual visit? An open house or a specialty visit? What even is an interview, and should you do one?

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    The Real Questions

    I recently participated on a panel offering advice to prospective students on their college search process. During this panel, we spoke about the value of finding your fit–the idea that identifying the colleges that you can see yourself thriving in will contribute to success during and after college. After a few of us made this point, a student unmuted and asked, “But how can you tell if a college is a good fit for you?”

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    You Pushed Submit…Now What?

    Demystifying the Agnes Scott application process You’ve done it! You put in all your activities, did a final proofread of your essay, gave your most passionate and perfect answer for “Why Agnes Scott?” and you are ready to hit that submit button to send off your college application. Your hand hovers over the submit button. You look at it. It looks at you (in an anthropomorphized fashion). And you wonder: what happens after I push this button? It’s a big question: college applications do seem more than a bit mysterious. You submit all that work, you wait for an unspecified amount of time, and eventually you get a letter back…

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    Making Your College Application Shine

    Top tips from Agnes Scott admission counselors on standing out in the application process The college application process is overwhelming. We’re not here to pretend that it isn’t. We do our best to make it as easy as possible, but when you are applying to multiple colleges and universities, each with its own application, required documents, and deadlines, it becomes a lot to keep up with. That’s why we want to give you our top tips on the college application process. We’re going to be focusing these tips on the Agnes Scott College admission process, which means we will be primarily talking about the Common Application. However, keep in mind…

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    Why a Women’s College: From someone who never attended one

    Why You Should Consider a Women’s College…even if you haven’t before This week is “Why a Women’s College” Week, and we’re featuring a post a day from different perspectives on the value of an inclusive women’s college education. Today’s post explores that value from the perspective of someone who didn’t have the women’s college experience when they were an undergraduate. It might be weird to say, especially as an admission counselor at an inclusive women’s college like Agnes Scott College, but I never really considered attending a women’s college. When I was in high school starting my college search, my focus was on having the “typical” college experience: the kind…

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    Virtual Workshop: How to Navigate the Common Application and Essay

    Get help on your application and essay! Check out the video of this application and essay workshop presented by Agnes Scott admission counselors to help students before they apply. The Common Application can be daunting, especially the dreaded “college essay.” Join our admission counselors Alexsis Skeen and Rachel West, as well as Laura Cain ’22, a Center for Writing and Speaking tutor, for this session originally presented live on August 5, 2020. We cover: Brainstorming activities and how to avoid “overused” topics How to work with each Common Application essay prompt How to ask for recommendations What to focus on in your activities section Which additional information sections you should…

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    An “Undecided” Dilemma

    “What are you going to major in?” It is the go-to line of every family member, friendly acquaintance, and grocery store cashier. With everyone asking, it can feel like everyone you know wants the answer—including you. So what do you do when you don’t actually know—especially when everyone around you seems to have an answer ready to go? I can tell you exactly what I did as a high schooler: I made something up. After being asked too many times, I started to feel that creeping sense of impostor syndrome. Everyone around me had an answer; why didn’t I? Not only did I need an answer, it needed to be…

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    Perspective: A Blog on Admission, Scottie Style

    Introducing the Agnes Scott College Undergraduate Admission Blog per-spec-tive /pərˈspektiv/ noun A particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view   Each year, millions of college-age students begin one of the most important stages of their journey to adulthood: the undergraduate college search process. During this time, they’ll have such all-consuming questions as “which college is the best fit for me,” “how will I pay for college,” “what should my college major be,” and/or “what college experience will best prepare me for future success,” among others. To find the answers to these questions, they’ll seek the advice of family members; input from high school guidance counselors;…

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