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    Finishing Strong

    Let’s address the elephant in the room for high school seniors: as you begin your final semester of high school, it’s not necessarily the most relaxing time in your life. In addition to, well, finding out admission decisions, figuring out financial aid, and making your final college choice, you’re also finishing out your high school experience. Oh, and also, doing it in a resurgence of COVID-19 variants.

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    You Pushed Submit…Now What?

    Demystifying the Agnes Scott application process You’ve done it! You put in all your activities, did a final proofread of your essay, gave your most passionate and perfect answer for “Why Agnes Scott?” and you are ready to hit that submit button to send off your college application. Your hand hovers over the submit button. You look at it. It looks at you (in an anthropomorphized fashion). And you wonder: what happens after I push this button? It’s a big question: college applications do seem more than a bit mysterious. You submit all that work, you wait for an unspecified amount of time, and eventually you get a letter back…

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    Academic Major Spotlight on: Psychology

    A look at what makes one of Agnes Scott’s most popular academic majors special In recent memory, Agnes Scott’s psychology major has always landed on the list of top five majors for Scotties. Maybe that’s because psychology is such a quintessential liberal arts major, preparing students for multiple fields. Yes, Agnes Scott psychology graduates have gone on to be clinical psychologists, therapists and psychiatrists. But they’ve also become lawyers, school superintendents, victims advocates, marketing and development coordinators, researchers, business analysts and professors. Interested in the psychology major, but unsure if it fits you exactly? Here’s a taste of what the major has to offer you, straight from psychology major Taliesyn…

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    Making Your College Application Shine

    Top tips from Agnes Scott admission counselors on standing out in the application process The college application process is overwhelming. We’re not here to pretend that it isn’t. We do our best to make it as easy as possible, but when you are applying to multiple colleges and universities, each with its own application, required documents, and deadlines, it becomes a lot to keep up with. That’s why we want to give you our top tips on the college application process. We’re going to be focusing these tips on the Agnes Scott College admission process, which means we will be primarily talking about the Common Application. However, keep in mind…

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    Preparing for a College Fair

    Ways to make the most out of your college fair experience As you start to approach your senior year, you will probably, at least once, have the opportunity to attend a college fair. Whether the fair is in-person or virtual, attending college fairs is a great way to get an idea of what kinds of colleges are out there, as well as ask your important questions to figure out if a school should go on your list for further consideration. To help you make the most out of your college fair experience, here are our best tips for college fairs: 1. Review the list of colleges and universities attending in…

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    What is test optional admissions, and why does it matter?

    Why Agnes Scott is a test optional college, the changes we’re making to our policy and how test optional admissions can (and should) be considered in your college search and decision process. As a Scottie and a long-time staff member of the admission office at Agnes Scott, one of the aspects of our admission process that is most important to me is our test optional policy, which was introduced over ten years ago. Creating an equitable admission process is important to Agnes Scott and our mission, and one aspect of our process removing barriers that students may have in their way to applying to Agnes Scott is test scores. Standardized…

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    Certified Scottie Class of 2025

    Meeting new students from the Class of 2025 Each year, the Office of Admission runs features on incoming Scotties and their stories on social media in the weeks leading up to move-in day. Missed a story? Here’s all of the Class of 2025 Certified Scotties and their stories: Kennedi Malone ’25 (she/her) from Peachtree City, GA Have you ever been inspired to take action because of a piece of art? You’re in good company with Kennedi, who walked away from viewing/reading Faith Ringgold’s narrative patchwork quilt “Dancing at the Louvre” and let it ignite a powerful change in her perspective on her identity, heritage and goals. Kennedi founded @StayConsciousMedia, a…

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    Exploring College Options and Applying during a Pandemic: “A Letter to Senior Me” sequel

    An Update to the Original Post Last summer, I wrote a blog post entitled, “A Letter to Senior Year Me.” It outlined all of the things I wish I would have done to prepare for college the summer before my senior year. While I recommend perusing the original, I figured I’d save you some time and, just like any good sequel, give a synopsis of the original.  It’s still summer, even if it’s a strange one for us all. Previously on Perspective: The Agnes Scott College Undergraduate Admission Blog… Alexsis highlighted 5 key “to-dos” all rising high school seniors should complete over the summer.  Visit Colleges  Craft your resume  Brainstorm/Draft…

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    A Letter to Senior Year Me

    Dear Alexsis, It’s me, Alexsis. But from the future. It’s weird; I know. Here, I can prove it to you. Right now your summers consist of sitting poolside, eating Pop-Ice popsicles, and having outdoor picnics, right? Aside from working a part-time job at Little Caesar’s Pizza located approximately 4 minutes from your house, life is good. You wake around 11 a.m., make frozen waffles, watch reality T.V., and hang out with friends until it’s time for work.

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    An “Undecided” Dilemma

    “What are you going to major in?” It is the go-to line of every family member, friendly acquaintance, and grocery store cashier. With everyone asking, it can feel like everyone you know wants the answer—including you. So what do you do when you don’t actually know—especially when everyone around you seems to have an answer ready to go? I can tell you exactly what I did as a high schooler: I made something up. After being asked too many times, I started to feel that creeping sense of impostor syndrome. Everyone around me had an answer; why didn’t I? Not only did I need an answer, it needed to be…

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